I'm not sure for how long, but the Oak Harbor launch ramp is closed.  if you have a kayak, you may still be able to launch, but there are two concrete barriers blocking the ramp.

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We do not have a date for the ramp to be repaired and open at this time. We have a quote but we have to get the city purchasing procedures completed. The ramp has a cave in at the end of the ramp and due to complaints of users we had to close the ramp to trailers. You can launch a kayak at your own risk. Thank you for your concern.

Captain Jim Suber
City of Jacksonville
Waterways Coordinator / Dock Master

Thanks, I had been stuck behind a few people who couldn't retrieve their boats and actually saw one person who had wrecked his trailer and had his boat, trailer and gear, all in the back of his pick-up truck.  Hope they fix it soon, Beach blvd is already just so over loaded.

It's funny.......many people had stories of smashing into something down in the water. So, I guess further investigation proved there was some kind of problem.


And I always thought it was just too much MUD, that was the problem with that ramp.

It is funny Capt Dave. There is still nothing on the bottom other than the end of the ramp which is at a ramp that is shallow in the first place. There is a failure of the ramp at the end due to boaters use which causes the trailer wheel to drop in a hole. we closed the ramp for safety but the local vandals keep stealing the baricades and probably tossing them in the water then moved concrete barriers so people take the risk of damaging there trailer. The barricades will be back tomorrow so if you guys go out from this ramp I suggest you make plans to have someone take your trailer to other ramps to bring your boat out.

Yep, stopped using that ramp long ago, after seeing the thefts, my own trailer being backed into, and don't have a small flat bottom boat any longer.

Having a ramp basically in "off base housing" always seemed nice. But risky.

There now three barricades in place, making it a little difficult to launch kayaks, but not impossible.

In May there is a large Kayak fishing tournament with many local and out of town particpants that fish Oak Harbor, a few Questions.

1. Will we be able to launch during the tournamant in May ?

2. Ramp is closed with no date to start repairs ?

3. Purchasing has not purchased required materials ?

4. Without a start date, a estimated completion date is out of the question ?

Thank You for your reply.


Sure, we won't able to use it for a while, but think how good the fishing is going to be without all the usual traffic.  And with the super low tides we get in jax, there will be time when only kayaks will be able to fish there.

But I sure wish they'd fix it soon - it's so convenient to be able to launch so close to home.


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